Dec 2023 Social Platform Updates

YouTube is testing real-time updates for views and likes. Threads launched in the EU. And Instagram released Video Notes.

Here's everything you missed from social platforms last month...


✦ Released a “Behind the Scenes” mode that captures the moments leading up to someone taking a BeReal.

✦ Launched invite-only groups with private chats.

✦ Added the ability to tag friends so they can repost BeReals.

Discord 💬

✦ Redesigned its mobile app and added a dedicated messaging section.

Facebook 👍

✦ Discontinued cross-app messaging between Facebook and Instagram.

✦ Changed video ad revenue sharing from a 55% revenue share to a bonus program based on video performance.

Instagram 📷

✦ Added support for third-party streaming tools like Streamlabs.

✦ Released a generative AI tool that lets creators change image backgrounds via text prompts.

✦ Launched a new feature called Video Notes, which displays a two-second looping video in followers’ Notes section above DMs.

LinkedIn 🤝

✦ Rolled out several newsletter features, including audience demographics and new subscribers analytics, duplicate a draft, and the ability to generate previews before publishing.

✦ Launched a Conversion API to connect online and offline data to LinkedIn to better measure campaign performance across channels.

✦ Testing Daily, a personalized, short-form video experience in LinkedIn Learning.

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Reddit 👽

✦ Retiring its direct messaging “live chat post” feature but plans to continue investing in its chat channels experience.

Snapchat 👻

✦ Surpassed 7M subscribers to Snapchat Plus.

Threads 🧵

✦ Launched in the EU.


✦ Released app upgrades to improve viewing on tablets and foldable devices.

Twitch 🎮

✦ Announced plans to stop operating in Korea as of February.

✦ Introduced (then rolled back) a new sexual content policy.

YouTube 🎥

✦ Testing real-time updates for views and likes.

✦ Rolled out new YouTube Premium features like watching videos live with friends and an AI chat bot.

✦ Released the ability to pause new comments on videos.

✦ Gave creators the ability to offer up to 10 free channel memberships per month.

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