Feb 2023 Social Platform Updates

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YouTube launched Shorts monetization. Snapchat. released an AI chatbot. And Instagram announced Broadcast Channels.

Here's everything you missed from social platforms last month:

Discord 💬

✦ Announced video and screen sharing on its Stage Channels feature.

Facebook 👍

✦ Enabled creators to search for comments by keywords to improve content moderation and community engagement.

Instagram 📷

✦ Will stop allowing creators to tag products in livestreams in March.

✦ Introduced Broadcast Channels, a one-to-many messaging feature.

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LinkedIn 🤝

✦ Redesigned its Activity feed with sections per content type.

✦ Improved the messaging inbox with a new feature to Star messages.

✦ Expanded its post scheduling feature to also include articles.

Snapchat 👻

✦ Added ray tracing technology to its AR Lens Studio to simulate light movement for more realistic AR experiences.

✦ Released an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

TikTok ♪

✦ Introduced a 3 strikes system to permanently ban accounts that repeatedly violate its guidelines.

✦ Announced it will soon allow users to Refresh their For You feed with new videos.

✦ Released new Promote features, including the ability to boost other people’s videos.

✦ Expanded its fact-checking efforts to include more languages.

✦ Reportedly working on a Creator Fund 2.0.

✦ Testing paywalled videos a la OnlyFans.

✦ Added dedicated video feeds to the homepage for Sports, Fashion, Gaming, and Food alongside the traditional Following and For You feeds.

✦ Announced TikTok Trivia, a live 5-day trivia game that offers U.S. adults a chance to win $500K in prizes (a la HQ Trivia).

✦ Launched Sounds for Business.

Twitter 🐦

✦ Deprecated free access to the Twitter API, replacing it with a basic paid tier.

✦ Started sharing ad revenue with creators that subscribe to Twitter Blue for ads that appear in their reply threads.

✦ Reportedly plans to charge companies $1,000 / mo. for gold verification pages.

✦ Announced that Tweetdeck will soon be exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers.

✦ Increased the Tweet limit to 4,000 characters for Twitter Blue subscribers.

✦ Faced criticism for Tweet view counts reportedly being inaccurate.

YouTube 🎥

✦ Launched Shorts ad revenue sharing with creators.

✦ Added a self-service portal to its BrandConnect marketplace.

✦ Unveiled two new metrics for Shorts: Shown in Feed and Viewed (vs Swiped Away).

✦ Officially launched its multi-audio feature, which had previously been in beta.

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