October 2023 Social Platform Updates

TikTok tests 15-minute videos. Snap launches a creator marketplace. And X rolls out 3 new subscription tiers.

Here's everything you missed from social platforms last month...

Amazon 📦

✦ Shutting down its live audio product Amp.

Facebook 👍

✦ Proposed ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram for European users for $14 per month.

Instagram 📷

✦ Plans to bring back cash bonuses for U.S. creators after bonus program tests in Japan and South Korea.

✦ Experimenting with multiple “close friends” lists to allow users to privately share content with different groups.

✦ Working on features to celebrate friends’ birthdays.

✦ Testing a feed that only shows posts from verified users.

✦ Added looping video clips to Notes.

✦ Testing a feature that will let friends add to your posts.

LinkedIn 🤝

✦ Added an AI assistant to its self-serve ads platform to help users auto-generate campaigns.

✦ Released improvements to collaborative articles, such as a new “top contributors” section.

✦ You can now schedule polls and reshares as future posts.

✦ The text-based social network is shutting down on Nov. 1st after failing to gain sufficient traction.

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Pinterest 📍

✦ Announced its first creator residency program.


✦ Launched creator monetization in the U.S. through its AI chatbot Poe.

Reddit 👽

✦ Announced new search updates, including media type filters and the ability to search within subreddits.

✦ Added accessibility features for users who rely on screen readers.

✦ Deprecating its Community Points beta and Special Memberships feature.

Snap Inc. 👻

✦ Testing an ad-free version of its subscription service, Snapchat+.

✦ Launched an influencer marketplace called Creator Collab Campaigns.

Threads 🧵

✦ Released support for polls and gifs.

✦ Reportedly developing an API.

TikTok ♪

✦ Testing a $4.99 per month ad-free subscription for users outside the U.S.

✦ Disabled ecommerce transactions in Indonesia after the country banned online shopping on social media.

✦ Lowered eligibility requirements and the payout threshold for its Effect Creator Rewards program, which pays creators for AR effects.

✦ Partnered with Raydiant to showcase TikTok content via digital signage in physical retail environments.

✦ Making auto-generated captions mandatory to improve language-based accessibility.

✦ Enabled direct posting from editing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro.

✦ Testing a 15-minute max video length.

✦ Announced a deal with DistroKid to distribute independent artists' music on CapCut and TikTok’s commercial music library.

Twitch 🎮

✦ Launched Stories to help streamers connect with audiences while they’re offline.

✦ Finally allowing creators to simulcast on all platforms.

✦ Changed its Guest Star product into a Stream Together feature, which will allow up to six streamers to collaborate on stream.

X 🐦

✦ Introduced three tiers of its subscription service: Basic ($3 / mo.), Premium ($8 / mo.), and Premium+ ($16 / mo.).

✦ Testing one-click checkout links in direct messages.

✦ Started charging new users in NZ and PH a $1 annual subscription to post or interact with posts as a way to reduce spam.

YouTube 🎥

✦ Launched a podcast destination within its music app in the U.K.

✦ Now highlights the “like” and “subscribe” buttons when creators call them out during a video

✦ Released a volume stabilizer to moderate sound differences during a video.

✦ Announced several shopping updates, including the ability to adjust a shopping button so it appears at relevant points in a video.

✦ Testing new AI features to let creators record audio using the voices of celebrities.

✦ Added a curated video page for news content and a “Shorts Innovation Program for News.”

✦ Testing an option for creators to pause comments.

✦ Rolled out new YouTube Music features, include generative AI playlist art.

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