September 2023 Social Platform Updates

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TikTok Shop launched in the U.S. Threads added search functionality. And Snapchat+ surpassed 5M+ paying subs.

Here's everything you missed from social platforms last month...

Artifact ✳️

✦ Released a link-sharing feature.

Clubhouse 👋

✦ Pivoting to an asynchronous audio chat app.

Discord 💬

✦ Launched Server Shop, which allows creators to charge for server subscriptions, downloadables (beta), and premium roles (beta).

Facebook 👍

✦ Considering whether to offer paid, ad-free versions of FB and IG in Europe in response to new data transfer rules.

✦ Releasing its own chatbot called Meta AI along with several celebrity AI characters.

✦ Announced the ability to use its Emu image generation model to create custom stickers in chat.

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Instagram 📷

✦ Rolling out AI editing features as part of its Emu image generation model.

LinkedIn 🤝

✦ Rumored to be deprecating hashtags soon.

✦ Added a shield icon to user profiles if they have 1 or more verification.

✦ Released an export option for a single post's analytics.

✦ Unveiled new accessibility features.

Post 📮

✦ Launched an Android app.

Snap Inc. 👻

✦ Announced that Snapchat+ surpassed 5M+ paying subs.

Threads 🧵

✦ Rolled out search functionality.

✦ Blocked covid-related searches.

TikTok ♪

✦ Launched TikTok Shop in the U.S.

✦ Developing more social networking features.

✦ Adding Wikipedia snippets to some search results to provide users with more context.

✦ Officially released its label for creators to disclose AI-generated content.

✦ Launched Attribution Analytics to help advertisers better measure ad campaign results.

✦ TikTok Shop is at risk of getting banned in Indonesia.

Twitch ğŸŽ®

✦ Considering a chatbot for creators.

X 🐦

✦ Shutting down its Circle feature, which allowed users to share posts with a small group.

✦ Reportedly planning to move to a paywall for all users.

YouTubeÂ ğŸŽ¥

✦ Removed ad controls so YPP creators can only toggle ads on/off for each video, though midroll placement are still customizable.

✦ Launched THE-IQ Creator Program for health content creators.

✦ Released Dream Screen, a gen AI tool that can create images and videos, automatically dub content into other languages, and suggest music for a video.

✦ Launching a YouTube Create mobile app to compete with TikTok's CapCut.

✦ Announced that Shorts now generates 70B+ daily views.

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