Social Platform Updates: 2022 Recap

2022 was a landmark year for social media platforms. BeReal's spontaneity and dual camera format took the world by storm. Facebook and Instagram leaned into Reels. TikTok launched ad revenue sharing and a Friends tab. Elon Musk acquired Twitter. And YouTube doubled down on Shorts.

Each month, I publish a summary of the latest feature releases and major updates from social platforms. Here's a look back at what made headlines in 2022:

Amazon 📦

✦ Announced Amp, a live audio app for users to create radio shows.

✦ Launched its Inspire app with a TikTok-like feed of shoppable content.

Clubhouse 👋

✦ Added a text-based reply option for users who don't want to participate in a voice discussion.

✦ Added a protected profile setting to limit profile visibility to certain followers.

✦ Rolled out a private groups feature called “Houses.”

Discord 💬

✦ Expanded premium memberships and added an analytics dashboard with membership revenue.

✦ Released server subscriptions in the U.S.

Facebook 👍

✦ Launched its short-form video format, Reels.

✦ Announced polls, quizzes, and scheduling tools for Reels.

✦ Expanded the max length of Reels from 60s to 90s.

✦ Extended its 0% cut of creator earnings through 2024.

✦ Launched a virtual goods store for FB, IG, and Messenger.

✦ Deprecated its live shopping features and standalone FB Gaming app.

✦ Added cross-posting for Instagram Reels on Facebook.

✦ Tested a live-streaming platform called Super (think Twitch meets Cameo), which will shut down on Feb 15, 2023.

✦ Unveiled a “Top fans” option to share exclusive content with top subscribers.

✦ Announced plans to retire its newsletter feature Bulletin in early 2023.

✦ Forced to sell GIPHY by the UK's anti-competition watchdog CMA.

Instagram 📷

✦ Launched creator subscriptions for fans to financially support their favorite creators.

✦ Expanded its 'Remix' feature from Reels to all IG video formats.

✦ Deprecated the Instagram TV video format and accompanying IGTV app.

✦ Introduced chronological feeds and "favorites" feeds for all users.

✦ Pulled its Boomerang and Hyperlapse from app stores.

✦ Rolled out new tags to help BIPOC and other underrepresented creators receive credit for their work.

✦ Enabled creators to assign a moderator during IG Live streams.

✦ Tested full-screen video home feeds a la TikTok.

✦ Added support for NFTs.

✦ Enhanced parental controls to allow parents to set off-limit hours.

✦ Announced new IG Subscriptions features, including exclusive feed posts + Reels, subscriber chats, and an exclusive tab on a creator’s profile.

✦ Launched the ability to buy products and track orders in DMs.

✦ Added a searchable map.

✦ Released an IG creator marketplace to select brands on an invite-only basis.

✦ Launched a dual camera feature and "Candid Challenges" a la BeReal.

✦ Scaled back its shopping features and ended its creator affiliate program.

✦ Added a post scheduling feature.

✦ Unveiled an in-app media kit called Creator Portfolio.

✦ Added virtual gifting to Reels.

✦ Debuted IG Achievements (a la Snapchat).

✦ Rolled out Notes (ephemeral text posts) worldwide. Notes are limited to 60 characters, only viewable by friends, and vanish after 24 hrs.

LinkedIn 🤝

✦ Debuted its own podcast network.

✦ Released an audio events feature for LinkedIn creators.

✦ Added support for links at the top of creator profiles.

✦ Unveiled a new Discover tab to find people and content outside their network.

✦ Enabled clickable links within images and videos.

✦ Added a carousel format and design templates.

✦ Introduced pinned comments.

✦ Added a new Document ads format focused on lead generation.

✦ Launched auto captions for videos (English only for now).

✦ Released in-app post scheduling.

✦ Unveiled new creator mode analytics, including follower growth over time, audience demo breakdowns, and top posts performance.

OnlyFans 🔒

✦ Added support for NFT profile pictures.

✦ Partnered with Teespring to allow creators to sell personalized merch.

Pinterest 📌

✦ Introduced a personalized shopping page called "Your Shop."

✦ Enabled users to export videos to share on other social platforms.

✦ Launched a new live-streaming app for creators called Pinterest TV Studio.

✦ Acquired AI shopping platform THE YES.

✦ Released its collage-making app Shuffles publicly.

✦ Ended its creator rewards program.

Reddit 👽

✦ Revamped its mobile app and added a Discover tab.

✦ Launched a marketplace for NFT profile pics.

✦ Added support for GIFs in comments via GIPHY.

✦ Enabled users to mute subreddits on Android and iOS.

✦ Added support for images in subreddit comments.

Snapchat 👻

✦ Introduced a creator revenue share for ads in Stories.

✦ Finally made it possible to change your username.

✦ Released a new buddy system to share real-time location data with friends.

✦ Partnered with Ticketmaster to match users with live events in their area.

✦ Launched Director Mode, which includes editing tools like green screen and dual camera recording.

✦ Partnered with Cameo to connect brands with creators to produce video ads.

✦ Launched a Dynamic Ads Service to personalize ads to each user.

✦ Added replies to Spotlight videos.

✦ Unveiled a $3.99 subscription called Snapchat Plus that offers exclusive content and early access to new features.

✦ Testing mid-roll ads in Stories.

✦ Halted future development of its flying camera, Pixy.

✦ Introduced new Snapchat+ features, such as priority Story replies, custom notification sounds for friends, Bitmoji backgrounds, and new homescreen app icons.

✦ Added a dual camera feature a la BeReal.

✦ Rolled out Lock Screen Widgets for one-tap messaging.

✦ Released Chat Shortcuts to pin unread Snaps and missed calls to the top of the Chat window.

✦ Unveiled Question Stickers for audience polls in Stories.

✦ Partnered with Amazon for AR shopping.

✦ Announced a lenses monetization program for AR creators.

Substack ✍️

✦ Enabled select writers to upload or record videos.

✦ Released a recommendations feature to help writers promote one another's content.

✦ Announced audio features, e.g. voice overs for posts and support for multiple audio files.

✦ Working on a text-to-speech tool to read articles.

✦ Added bestseller badges to indicate a newsletter's paid subscriber volume.

TikTok ♪

✦ Added Stories to its 'For You' page.

✦ Expanded its max video length to 10 minutes.

✦ Launched a music distribution platform called SoundOn for artists to earn royalties when their songs are used in TikTok videos.

✦ Partnered with GIPHY on a new video creation tool called TikTok Library.

✦ Launched TikTok Pulse, enabling brands to run ads against top content in the For You feed. Creators with 100K+ followers are eligible for monetization with a 50/50 revenue split.

✦ Replaced the Discover tab with Friends.

✦ Announced a paid subscriptions feature for creators that are 18+ and have 1K+ followers.

✦ Rolled out TikTok Insights, an interactive audience insights platform.

✦ Launched personalized avatars a la Bitmoji and Memoji.

✦ Added content filters and maturity ratings to improve app safety.

✦ Released auto-generated closed captions.

✦ Partnered with Ticketmaster for in-app ticket purchases.

✦ Announced an in-app Elections Center with local voting information.

✦ Rolled out a text-to-image AI generator.

✦ Tested a Nearby feature to surface local content to users.

✦ Launched a BeReal copycat called TikTok Now, which is available as a standalone app outside the U.S.

✦ Added a dislike button to comments.

✦ Partnered with TalkShopLive to expand its live shopping platform TikTok Shop in USA & CA.

✦ Added support for carousels (Photo Mode).

✦ Partnered with Linktree to help creators showcase up to 6 videos in a new Profile Kit tool.

✦ Added Creator Marketplace recommendations to suggest relevant creators.

✦ Added showtimes & theater information under movie trailers.

✦ Introduced new editing tools, e.g. stacking, trimming, & splitting videos, sounds, & sound effects.

✦ Increased the minimum age for live streaming to 18.

✦ Announced adult-only livestreams, though nudity & sexually explicit content are still prohibited.

✦ Added a games tab on the homepage.

✦ Tested a horizontal fullscreen mode a la YouTube.

Tumblr 📝

✦ Launched a tipping feature to help bloggers receive money from their supporters.

✦ Reversed its nudity ban, though the platform still prohibits sexually explicit content.

✦ Released a live-streaming feature called Tumblr Live for iOs and Android.

Twitch 🎮

✦ Enabled users to track and appeal account bans.

✦ Unveiled a native fundraising tool called Twitch Charity.

✦ Removed its exclusivity requirement for streamers, albeit with certain restrictions to discourage simulcasting on YouTube and Facebook Live.

✦ Created a Cues feature to give streamers real-time audience insights, suggestions, and reminders.

✦ Revised monetization terms for popular streamers, from a flat 70% revenue share to 70% on the first $100K and then a reduced 50% split.

✦ Rolled out its co-streaming Guest Star feature globally.

✦ Announced Shield Mode, which allows streamers to turn on custom safety settings.

Twitter 🐦

✦ Launched NFT profile pictures for Twitter Blue subscribers.

✦ Introduced new labels to help users identify "good bots."

✦ Launched "Safety Mode" to allow users to block harmful accounts.

✦ Rolled out its "Professional Account" setting to all users.

✦ Made DMs searchable.

✦ Introduced a Creator Dashboard to help creators manage their earnings.

✦ Announced a pilot with Stripe to pay select users in crypto.

✦ Introduced a crisis misinformation policy to hide misleading tweets from high-profile accounts.

✦ Launched Twitter Create with resources for creators.

✦ Added special tweets for online merchants to tease product launches.

✦ Partnered with Shopify to enable shopping features on Twitter profiles.

✦ Testing a CoTweets feature that allows users to co-author a tweet with another account.

✦ Rolled out Twitter Circles (private groups of up to 150 people) to all users.

✦ Announced fullscreen vertical videos and a scrollable feed a la TikTok.

✦ Incorporated a video carousel into its Explore tab.

✦ Enabled users to mix media (photo, video, & gifs) in a single Tweet.

✦ Reportedly working on a Vine reboot.

✦ Shut down its Revue newsletter feature.

✦ Started working on monetized paywalled videos and a paid DMs feature, a la OnlyFans.

✦ Overhauled its verification process, with blue checkmarks for people, gold for companies, and grey for governments.

✦ Raised the price of Twitter Blue from $2.99 to $4.99, then $7.99, and finally $7 paid via web or $11 paid via iOS app.

✦ Rolled out Community Notes (fka Birdwatch) worldwide, allowing users to add context to Tweets to combat misinformation.

✦ Disbanded its trust and safety council.

✦ Initially banned users from linking out to other social platforms but later reversed course.

✦ Added real-time pricing graphs to $cashtags for major stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies.

✦ Rolled out Tweet view counts on iOS and Android (web coming soon).

YouTube 🎥

✦ Previewed new creator tools like NFTs and live shopping features.

✦ Released a remix feature for Shorts.

✦ Added desktop and tablet support for viewing Shorts.

✦ Expanded access to Super Thanks to all monetizing creators.

✦ Added a Live Redirect feature to point livestream viewers to another broadcast a la Twitch raids.

✦ Released a Green Screen tool to let creators use a 60-second clip from an existing YouTube video in a new Short.

✦ Launched a Most Replayed feature to highlight popular video segments and a Single Loop feature to put a video on endless repeat.

✦ Rolled out ads on Shorts.

✦ Released a corrections feature so creators can issue corrections via info cards on the top right corner of a video.

✦ Partnered with Shopify to allow merchants to integrate their online stores with YT Shopping.

✦ Added a new shopping destination called Mall to the Explore tab.

✦ Expanded Shorts Drafts on iOS and rolled out a new Cut feature.

✦ Added watermarks to downloaded Shorts.

✦ Announced direct ad monetization for Shorts coming in Feb 2023. Creators with 10M+ Shorts views in the last 90 days will receive a 45% revenue share.

✦ Unveiled a voiceover feature for Shorts.

✦ Introduced handles to identify creators.

✦ Rolled out audio ads globally.

✦ Added pinch to zoom on mobile.

✦ Launched precise seeking to pinpoint a specific section of a video.

✦ Redesigned channel pages to break out Videos, Shorts, & Live into different tabs.

✦ Announced a co-streaming feature called Go Live Together.

✦ Released a Q&A feature for livestreams.

✦ Expanded Shorts from 15s to 60s maximum.

✦ Rolled out shopping features in Shorts and started experimenting with an affiliate program.

✦ Announced updates to its Advertiser Friendly Guidelines, including a new demonetization trigger: "enabling dishonest behavior" aimed at reducing harmful pranks and cheating in video games.

✦ Released custom emotes a la Twitch.

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